Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blogging and Building a Email List

I have been giving this some thought. How can I get my circulation and my subject out to the market so that my audience will be more willing to come to my site and sign up for my freebe, my offering I might say. And thus help me build a email list that is of substantial size. (there goes that keyword again "build a email list" in all its shining glory and incorrect grammar.

For one thing doing just what I am doing right now and posting on my sites is a helpful thing. Then I am going to have to get it out to the search engines. That involves a little different kind of work. It is that, I can either do it or I can outsource it to others. I do do some outsourcing and that is where the Build That List on Facebook site has come from. This fan page was built by an expert and competent outsourcing service company.

But that is not all. Another site that has come to be one of my projects is to build a website on Squidoo. I think that I discussed this in the last post on this site. But it does not hurt to bring it up again. I need to put one on Weebly but that will come in time.

Here shortly I am going to have to go to my friends and get ready to play this evening for I am in a band. I play guitar. The point I want to make here is that I sure would like to take more time today and work on my money making websites. Like this one and my related sites. For instance Atomic Marketing Systems it is a powerful site that has a lot of information about Internet marketing in general.

All of these websites with the exception of the band website can be of benefit. Go read in them and sign up for the email reports. You will begin to receive more information about Internet Marketing. Each has its unique approach.

To change the subject a little I want you to go to a friend's site her name is Tiffany Dow. Tiffany is a hard working marketer who is quite successful. But she is not a flamboyant marketer is laid back and down home. But wow is her website and her email campaign something to languish in. She tells it like it is. By the way she has a lot of good marketing products that you would be interested in.

One other thing. I just bet that she has been able to "build a email list" to die for.

As you can see from this blog who most of you will never get to read, but I can only wish, there are a lot of links to various sites. They are good for the reader and customer to go to but mostly for those of you who are reading this. Mostly the links are for the search engines to follow. Hopefully their spiders will follow these links and and make the search engine God's happy. In return ranking my sights ever higher.

Hey it is all about strategy in Internet marketing. How to build a email list ever growing and even more satisfied subscribers. In return the cycle of growing just keeps on growing.

Now what does this have to do with blogging. blogging is just a discussion about something that is of interest to the blogger and to the reader. It is like a conversation, albeit a one sided conversation, about a subject. This one happens to be about building an email list.

Have a good day my wonderful readers and don't forget to leave a comment or if you have any questions you can email me I will be happy to answer your questions as best I can.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Where You Can Learn About Building A Email List

This site is about building a email list (the incorrect grammar will be explained shortly). It is also a site dedicated to the education and learning for those who want to learn how to build that list and become great Internet Marketers...

To begin with you are going to have to have to think like the person who is going to visit your website. You have to understand that this is not about you but about your reader and ultimately your subscriber. The individuals who come upon your website by what ever means have taken them there are looking for a solution to a problem they are having. It is your duty and obligation to provide a solution to this problem. Otherwise they will leave your site and never return. You have only one opportunity to show them that you care enough to help them with their problem. If you can do this then you will become a great Internet marketer. You will also begin to build a email list.

With this thought in mind you will now begin your journey as an Internet Marketer. Here and now I am going to let you in on something that I have found to be quite effective. Using Keywords but not just keywords targeted keywords with a lot of searchers and little competition. I will now explain the incorrect grammar. "Building a email list" is a keyword. It has the right amount of searches and the not too much competition. So as you see it throughout this article think of it as a marketing strategy.

It is to rank this site and the sites that this site is linked to Build That List which is the primary website for this post to be linked to. It is an authority website for learning about how to become an Internet Marketer and how to build a email list.

So if you would like to know more about Internet Marketing and building an email list that you can provide good content and give your subscribers something of value and that is more than they expect. Then you need to visit Build That List now look around and spend some time there. There are lots of good ideas and strategies about how to be a Better Internet Marketer.